Furniture Odyssey epitomises the wise words of the late Sir Roger Scruton: 

“We must start from the sentiment that all mature people can readily share: the sentiment that good things are easily destroyed but not easily created.”

Searching out fine pieces of furniture that have survived the good times and the bad times, a testament to well-made and timely crafted pieces. Sympathetically reviving Georgian to Early 20th century furniture ready for a new life of enjoyment and cherishing at the heart of the home. 

Every item of furniture goes through a rigorous restoration process using traditional cabinet maker’s and upholsterer’s methods to ensure every item is functional and comfortable whilst respecting patination and character developed over the many years. 

Our re-upholstery process comprises of carefully taking back and sorting the original upholstery materials to be reused and recycled from the copper coated coil springs, cotton flock and most importantly the horsehair which we sort into different grades, the best and favourite being main and tail which is then re-carded, washed and re-carded again on the Magic carding machine from the 1890s. 

All seating is upholstered to scrim, calico and ticking allowing for personalisation in fabrics and leathers with the final covering. 

Inventory consists of highly regarded turn of the century furniture makers to include stamped pieces by Holland & Son’s, Gillows of Lancaster, Howard & Son’s and Shoolbred. 

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